June 3, 2014 8:10 AM, EDT
Diesel Dips Again, Down 0.7¢ to $3.918; Gasoline Climbs for Second Week
Tom Biery/Trans Pixs

Diesel declined for the fifth consecutive week, dipping 0.7 cent to $3.918 a gallon, while gasoline rose for a second week, the Department of Energy said June 2.

Gas gained 1.6 cents to $3.69 a gallon. The motor fuel, which rose 0.9 cent last week, had declined in three previous weeks but has risen almost 40 cents since the beginning of February and is 4.4 cents higher than a year ago.

The diesel decline — the second straight of less than a penny — left trucking’s main fuel 4.9 cents higher than the corresponding week a year ago.

Diesel has declined 5.7 cents since late April and is about a dime below its level of March 10, when its national average was $4.021, the highest in almost a year.

The price dipped in four of five of DOE’s national regions, with the exception of the Rocky Mountains, where it held at $3.783 compared with last week.

The highest regional price was the West Coast at $4.021, followed closely by the East Coast, at $4.013, DOE figures showed.

Each week, DOE surveys about 400 diesel filling stations and 800 gasoline stations to compile national average prices.