August 6, 2014 2:00 PM, EDT
CNBC Trucking Segment ‘Outrageously Inaccurate,’ ATA Says
Screenshot of CNBC's Collision Course

American Trucking Associations called a recently aired show on CNBC about the trucking industry “outrageously inaccurate.”

In a letter from ATA President Bill Graves to the cable network, the trucking federation said the show, Collision Course: Investigating the Trucking Industry, depicts the worst practice of some in the industry as “endemic to how we do business.”

“Your piece painted a picture where every fatality in a truck-involved crash was the fault of the truck driver. This just simply is not true,” the letter said.

Graves invited a CNBC producer to attend the upcoming National Truck Driving Championships in Pittsburgh to see how dedicated the industry is to safety.

“The event annually showcases some of our industry’s best drivers and companies and their dedication to making this industry as safe as possible,” Graves wrote.

The letter asks the station to learn about highway safety issues so future reports do not irresponsibly portray trucking as “egregiously unsafe.”