February 17, 2016 10:00 AM, EST
Bridgestone Launches Steer Tire for Longhaul, Regional Applications
Bridgestone Americas Inc. introduced a new, SmartWay-certified steer tire for longhaul and regional trucks, the tire maker said Feb. 16.

The R283A Ecopia model is available in two sizes and will be made available in two more in April. It is compliant with California Air Resources Board low-rolling-resistance standards, the company said.

Bridgestone engineered the tire “to deliver the best combination of wear performance and fuel savings,” said Matt Loos, director of truck and bus marketing. “Sophisticated fleets today measure tire performance based on the total life cycle. The R283A Ecopia tire is an innovative solution that will help them maximize every mile.”

The company said the tire gets 21% longer life and 3% less rolling resistance than the previous model. To achieve that, Bridgestone said it made improvements in sidewall design, tread compounding and the casing.