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Volvo Introduces New Engine, Powertrain Enhancements

D13 with turbo compounding/Volvo Trucks North America
HAGERSTOWN, Md. — Volvo Trucks North America introduced a suite of new products, including 2017 engines as well as powertrain enhancements with the common goals of enhancing customers’ fuel efficiency and driver experience.

For the engine, the 11-liter and 13-liter models, known as D11 and D13, were rolled out in addition to the D13 with turbo compounding during a tour here of the engine and powertrain plant. Fuel-efficiency improvements were reported at 2.2% for the D11, 2.5% for the D13 and 6.5% for the model with turbo compounding, when compared with previous generation engines.

“Volvo engineered multiple engine enhancements to provide customers with the needed fuel savings without sacrificing power and performance,” Volvo Trucks North America President Göran Nyberg said in a statement.

The 11-liter enhancements include a common-rail fuel system designed for quieter operations. Other upgrades are new wave pistons, a two-speed coolant pump, two-piece valve cover, higher horsepower and an assembled camshaft.

Together, they are meant to replicate performance of earlier generation 13-liter engines. January 2017 availability is targeted for the 11-liter engine, a statement said. Horsepower is being increased nearly 5% to 425.

The D13 model, targeted for shorter-distance services such as pickup and delivery runs, offers enhancements similar to the 11-liter, including 6% higher torque, giving drivers more freedom in downspeeding. Availability is planned for October.

The model with turbo compounding is designed for highway operation. It converts wasted exhaust heat into 50 additional horsepower, which is transferred back into the engine, John Moore, marketing product manager, said during the tour of the plant.

The model with turbo compounding, slated for availability in mid-2017, is designed to cruise at 300 rpm less than today’s typical truck, said Wade Long, director of product marketing. One percentage point of that turbo compounding improvement is tied to a driveline with a 2.47 rear axle ratio.

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By Rip Watson
Senior Reporter

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