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Toledo Police Revive Program to Crack Down on Truck Weight Limits

Toledo Police Department

Toledo, Ohio police will resume enforcing truck weight limits later this month after a seven-year, budget-related hiatus, the department announced March 1.

The city has spent $119,927 to buy 25 portable scales, which are placed beneath trucks’ wheels if there is suspicion of exceeding either vehicular or posted weight limits, and it is hiring a traffic aide to handle them, a police spokesman said.

“Having overweight trucks running on our roads creates problems as far as the infrastructure goes,” Lt. Joe Heffernan said, adding that overloaded vehicles also are hazardous for motorists.

Toledo had a weight-enforcement unit until 2009, when officer Marty French, trained in motor-carrier enforcement, retired.

At that time, Heffernan said, the department’s portable scales were obsolete, and the city was in cost-cutting mode, so officials dropped the program.

Since then, he said, TPD occasionally has asked for help from the Ohio Highway Patrol — particularly with heavy trucks detouring improperly around the Anthony Wayne Bridge during its recent overhaul — but the service “was not to the level we wanted.”

The traffic aide, whose pay will be between $27,674 and $36,899 depending on experience, will be teamed with either of two patrol officers who are newly trained in truck enforcement, the lieutenant said.

Along with looking for trucks that don’t belong on weight-restricted streets, he said, the officers will look for “probable cause” signs that trucks are too heavy even for the standard 80,000-pound limit that applies on most of Toledo’s arterial streets.

Such evidence includes compressed tires, sagging springs, and engines that seem to be working too hard for the vehicle’s size, the lieutenant said.

The department did not announce any specific streets. Heffernan said initial efforts will focus on areas where the city has received complaints about heavy trucks.

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By David Patch
The (Toledo, Ohio) Blade


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