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Australian Trucking Association CEO Sees Similarities With U.S. Regulations

Michael G. Malloy/TT

The head of the Australian Trucking Associations said he sees similarities in U.S. rules and that he saw “some innovative designs” in trailers at the recent Mid-America Trucking Show.

The group’s CEO, Stuart St. Clair, met with American Trucking Associations officials April 7 in Arlington, Va., comparing notes on the countries’ trucking regulations and concerns, most of which are similar.

St. Clair came to the United States and visited MATS as part of a delegation with Chinese manufacturer CIMC, which makes trailers and containers and has extensive operations Down Under.

“Many of the same questions are asked back home that are asked here — how do we improve productivity, safety and viability,” St. Clair told Transport Topics in an April 7 interview.

The country’s famous “road trains,” which can run as long as 53. 5 meters (about 180 feet) and weigh up to 300,000 pounds, can run as many as four trailers, and require 16-liter engines with 600 to 750 horsepower, St. Clair said. Australia has Euro V emissions regulations, similar to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency rules that were set in 2010.

Most of Australia’s trucking regulations are in the same realms as their U.S. counterparts, including hours-of-service rules, weights and taxes. It is also developing an electronic logbook rule, although “there’s a bit of a way to go yet,” St. Clair said.

About 47,000 trucking companies are in Australia, although about 74% have one driver. St. Clair said his association represents approximately 5,000 companies.

Toll Group, which also has some operations at U.S. ports including New York/New Jersey and Los Angeles, is Australia’s largest trucking concern. It is unionized, although the overall trucking industry is “not very unionized at all,” St. Clair said.

By Michael G. Malloy
Staff Reporter

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