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Volvo Trucks Introduces Dynamic Steering Technology for European Models

Volvo Trucks introduced a new type of steering technology that combines hydraulic and electronic controls, the company said.

The system, which applies to Volvo’s European trucks, allows drivers to maneuver more easily and offers more directional stability, Volvo said.

“At low speeds, even a heavily loaded truck is so easy to steer that you can do so with one finger,” Claes Nilsson, president of Volvo Trucks, said in a statement.

The system’s sensors note that the driver wants to drive straight ahead and automatically ensures that no interference from the road surface is allowed to filter up through the steering wheel, according to the Swedish truck manufacturer.

The system’s technical innovation is the electronically controlled electric motor attached to the steering shaft, the company said.

The electric motor works together with the truck's hydraulic power steering and is regulated thousands of times per second by the electronic control unit.

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