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iTECH: Cab Cam Keeps an Eye on Safety

Drivers know an event has triggered a video capture whenever they see a red light flashing on the device. “That tells the driver that he’s doing some type of risky driving,” Cohen said. “The video data is saved and transferred via our cellular network to our review center.”

DriveCam posts the video events on a secure website to which company managers can log on and see what happened, and then sit down with the drivers and coach them on what went wrong and what they need to do differently when they go back out on the road, he explained.

Traffic incidents are down at Cargo Transporters, and Dennis Dellinger, president of Cargo Transporters, said he thinks the DriveCam technology is one of the reasons. “The presence of the camera in the vehicle heightens the drivers’ attention to what they’re doing. They’re less likely to take the risks that they had taken before.”

“We used the DriveCam technology at first as more of a training tool, to be able to coach driver habits,” Dellinger said. “We found out that we needed to work on some things as simple as buckling up. We had safety campaigns as a result of things we learned from the footage.”

LTL carrier Pitt Ohio, Pittsburgh, is also using cameras in the cabs to promote safety, with technology from Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems, Elyria, Ohio.

Pitt Ohio, which employs about 1,500 drivers and has around 1,000 power units, has the Bendix AutoVue system and SafetyDirect by Bendix in about 240 cabs now and plans to add 135 more this year. “We’re purchasing new equipment this year, and it will be on all of our new equipment,” said Jeff Mercadante, Pitt Ohio’s safety director. “Our goal is to equip all of our power units with this system.”

The AutoVue system has been available for several years for use as a stand-alone lane departure warning system, marketed by Iteris Inc., the transportation infrastructure IT provider. Bendix bought the product from Iteris in August 2011. AutoVue uses an outward-facing camera attached to the windshield that senses whenever the truck veers out of its lane without the use of a turn signal. If that happens, the driver hears a noise that sounds like the tires are running over a rumble strip.

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