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Spireon Testing Next-Gen GPS Device, Expects Trailer Tracking Market Growth

By Seth Clevenger, Staff Reporter

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Asset-tracking provider Spireon Inc. said that it is testing a next-generation GPS device for its FleetLocate trailer-tracking platform and predicted the trucking industry will increase spending on technology this year.

Spireon’s new device, which will follow the company’s FL11 product, is aimed at expanding FleetLocate’s capabilities be-yond basic GPS tracking, said Roni Taylor, Spireon’s vice president of marketing for trailer and asset intelligence.

The new GPS device will ac-commodate a “full suite” of sensors, Taylor said during a Jan. 15 editorial forum with Transport Topics in Arlington, Va.

Spireon, Knoxville, Tenn., is a relatively new player in the trailer tracking market, competing with other providers such as SkyBitz and Qualcomm Inc.’s Trailer Tracks platform. However, Spireon has a larger presence in other industries and currently tracks about 1.5 million assets with its GPS technology.

Taylor said the market for trailer tracking is beginning to expand because the technology now can provide fleets with more detailed information about the trailer.

Taylor said Spireon is looking at adding trailer weight and tire-pressure monitoring to its trailer tracking platform, as well as cargo sensors that could report which zones of a trailer — front, middle and back — are loaded.

The development staff is considering technologies such as infrared, lasers and imaging to improve cargo monitoring, Taylor said.

Spireon currently has about 20,000 GPS units on trailers, the majority of which were installed within the past year.

“For a long time, there was really only a 10% adoption rate, and we’re actually starting to see that pick up rather dramatically,” Taylor said. “We’ve seen it just in the last year.”

She also said Spireon has seen strong orders for its trailer-tracking products in early January, for both new equipment and retrofits for existing trailers.

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