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Spireon Testing Next-Gen GPS Device, Expects Trailer Tracking Market Growth

“We’re seeing a high spend on technology,” she said. “We’re thinking this is going to be a very good year for us.”

Instead of reporting a “snapshot” of a trailer’s location once or twice per day, Spireon’s FleetLocate platform offers a continuous, real-time flow of information about

the trailer.

“The early adopters of trailer tracking are doing this; they’re moving to more and more data because they want that visibility,” Taylor said. “When you move into the real-time rich data, that’s when your trailer visibility and control skyrockets, and that’s where you can really start improving your bottom line, because you can turn your trailers more often.”

Continuous data also enable fleets to track actual GPS trailer mileage, which is a useful tool for planning preventive maintenance, said Brad Jarvis, Spireon’s chief marketing officer. With GPS mileage, carriers can move from a time-based preventive maintenance cycle to a mileage-based cycle, he said.

Spireon also offers a simplified tracking plan that reports status updates at set intervals, but the company encourages customers to take advantage of the real-time data instead.

Spireon emerged as a result of the merger of ProconGPS Inc. with EnfoTrace and PFS LLC in 2011.

The majority of Spireon’s GPS units are embedded vehicle telematics used by customers in the automotive financing business as well as national service van fleets and small, local fleets, including plumbers, construction companies and other service providers.

Spireon said it expects to ship about 900,000 new GPS units this year.

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