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1/22/2013 10:45:00 AM Write a Letter to the Editor Write a letter to the Editor

E&MU: DEF Storage and Testing Grows as Fleets Move to SCR Engines

The distributors also said DEF has a limited shelf life, so it is important to use first what comes in first. Truck operators should avoid lengthy storage, they said.

Forum panelists said stores will keep selling 2½-gallon jugs and truck stops will have DEF pumps, but “there is a pretty profound shift” to on-site bulk storage, said Norm Winkler, national sales director of Titan Chemical Transfer Solutions.

The tanks are usually made of polyethylene or fiberglass, but PVC — polyvinyl chloride — should be avoided for DEF tanks, Winkler said.

Rick Whately, a sales manager for Xerxes Corp., a manufacturer of tanks for DEF and other products, said tanks can have fullness sensors built in and that a fiberglass tank has a 30-year warranty. He recommended using a trained installer rather than a do-it-yourself installation.

Jason Harrington, a sales manager for Snyder Industries, also a tank maker, said sturdiness is important because low-density plastics tend to fall victim to infiltration and then either become soft or brittle.

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