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12/24/2012 8:00:00 AM Write a Letter to the Editor Write a letter to the Editor

Opinion: Natural Gas — Proceed, But With Caution

There’s a coalition coming together to measure and reduce fugitive emissions from the natural-gas system, and we need the trucking industry to be part of it.

So let me hear from you at Join our coalition and help us get to the bottom of these questions. Help us get the answers right. And the next time somebody from the gas industry comes knocking, ask them what they’re doing to get this right.

Natural-gas trucks can help drive us to a safer, more prosperous future. If we get this right, it’s a huge opportunity for your businesses and for our country. We sincerely want to work together with you and for you to work with the gas industry to help make this the win-win it has the potential to become.

The nonprofit Environmental Defense Fund, New York, works with industry to address energy and environmental challenges. This article is based on the author’s speech at American Trucking Associations’ Summit on Natural Gas in Trucking in November.

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