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10/26/2009 11:00:00 AM Write a Letter to the Editor Write a letter to the Editor

N.Y. Seeks to Require Truck-Specific GPS Following Several Collisions With Bridges

Industry leaders and Carrier said they didn’t know of any other state trying to mandate truck-specific GPS devices or draw up a list of approved vendors.

If New York were to mandate such a list, however, it would be a boon to GPS manufacturers of truck-specific devices.

ALK Technologies Inc. of Princeton, N.J., would want to be on such a list, said Craig Fiander, the firm’s vice president of marketing for ALK’s PC-Miler routing, mileage and mapping GPS equipment.

Since the Paterson press conference and subsequent news stories, Fiander said, “We are certainly receiving an influx of e-mails from internal people, from customers, from partners, and we’re interested in, of course, supporting and addressing the issue in any way that we can.”

Rand McNally CEO Dave Muscatel said that his firm “will pursue including IntelliRoute TND, a truck-specific GPS, on the approved list for the State of New York if this law is enacted.”

Truck- and car-specific GPS devices can range in price anywhere from $100 to $500, Adams said. And as Fiander pointed out, technology is advancing so quickly that GPS services can even be purchased for cell phones.

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